10 Recruitment Marketing Best Practices

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Whitepaper: 10 Recruitment Marketing Best Practices

Talent Acquisition (TA) leaders and professionals today are constantly running against the clock and uncertain budgets to achieve their hiring goals. They often face significant challenges at almost every turn in the hiring process.

First, there is the longstanding challenge of finding and attracting the right talent. And contrary to what you may expect, a large number of job applicants – due to the major upheavals in the labor market caused by COVID-19 – doesn’t really mean an easier recruitment process. If anything, screening and identifying the candidates that meet your job criteria takes a lot more work now than it used to.

Then, there’s the challenge of time. Highly qualified candidates in most roles aren’t available for very long in the market – before they are hired by your peers or competitors.

Finally, recruitment teams today are faced with reduced and uncertain budgets, forcing TA professionals to explore more creative and cost-effective ways to source the most qualified talent.

Here are some best practices for you to attract, capture, and retain more qualified candidates in your recruitment funnel.

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