10 Recruitment Marketing Best Practices

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Whitepaper: 10 Recruitment Marketing Best Practices

In today’s uncertain times, employers around the world are seeking innovative and cost-effective approaches to fulfill their hiring goals - with reduced budgets. Programmatic job advertising technology offers talent acquisition leaders and recruitment marketing teams unique opportunities to drive more qualified applicants, reduce cost-per-hire, and enhance recruiter productivity, while delivering unmatched transparency and predictability in the recruitment process.

In this whitepaperr, you will learn

  • What: What is programmatic job advertising?
  • Why: The benefits of adopting a truly data-driven approach to recruitment advertising
  • How: How programmatic job advertising works
  • Results: The impact of “programmatic” on your recruitment media buying, management, and job application process
  • Capabilities: The requirements for a solution to be truly “programmatic” – lessons from the AdTech world
  • Platform Selection: The questions you should ask a programmatic job advertising platform provider
  • Case Studies: How your peers are leveraging programmatic job advertising capabilities (and how your approach compares with theirs)

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